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Product details

Tags: boer, goat, animal, animals
Name: Boer Goat 7
Name: Boer Goat 7
Producer:Sign Torch
Item number: boer_goat4a=
Price: $3.00
Boer Goat 7

Extensive description

Our intention is to produce the high quality vinyl stickers and decals with brilliant designs from the best international creative designers. By purchasing our product you will get all services with top quality as the first priority for our customer's satisfaction.


  1. Step 1 Rub the sticker to be sure the transfer tape is properly adhered to the sticker.
  2. Step 2 Clean and dry the desired area. Stickers will stick best to clean smooth surfaces in temperatures above 50 °F (10 °C).
  3. Step 3 Remove the paper backing slowly making sure the sticker stays adhered to the transparent transfer tape. Please be really careful with this step!
  4. Step 4 Carefully position the sticker to the desired area. Once the sticker adheres, it will be nearly impossible to reposition without destroying the sticker. Rub the sticker from one side to the other, eliminating any air bubbles.
  5. Step 5 Make sure that the entire sticker is fully adhered to the surface.
  6. Step 6 Slowly remove the transfer tape. Making sure no part of the sticker remains on the transfer tape.
  7. Step 7 Check for air bubbles. In most cases air bubbles can be worked to the edge of the sticker, but if not, a pin hole will allow the air out and become virtually invisible, once the bubble is gone.

How do I remove the decals?

Vinyl graphics and decals can be easily removed. All you need to do is heat your decal by using a heat gun or a hairdryer. Then using your fingernail, carefully lift the edge of the decal and work across the surface of the decal. Overheating your decal will result in more difficult removal.


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